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I'm really excited to announce all of the cool stuff getting released for this event! :3

This event is the weekend of September 2nd and 3rd to celebrate (or cry over) the return of the school season!

Here's a list of the things that'll happen, as well:

Both days:

1. This is an official announcment: Creative will be reset one month from now! On October 3rd, Creative will be wiped. Its getting a bit croweded, and there are some corrupted chunks where some *cough cough*not so nice players tested their hacks.

  • If you want part of, or all of your plot saved, ask a Staff member and we'll not only save it but also reload it into the new map for you!
  • If no staff are online, make a ticket in your plot with what to save! Or make a sign in each spot if its specific things, then make a ticket saying to read the signs.
  • Theres going to be a new plugin for creative! We imagine it may give you some world edit powers on your plot!

2. We're starting up another build team for players to join! Its still called Bulid Team and is open for anyone to apply for!

  • You aren't part of the staff team, so all you have to do is help out with projects that we have.
  • Its a good way to get early acess to event info, and doesn't have the responsabiliteis of staff. You'll get full access to world edit too, and get to look around buildworld in creative!
  • Application is easy, just hover over the "Information" tab at the top, and select, "Apply for "! Its as easy as that.
    • (Edit: This won't be open until the 2nd of September, so don't try now)

3. The shop will have a Sale (Server shop on the forum for ranks and stuff that is, not in game)~ It'll be a 15-25% off weekend just for this, and like the 4th of July, we'll offer some special caches and whole server gifts!


1. Hopper limitation will begin. You will be allowed to have "x" amount of hoppers on your island at one time. This is per island, not person. We will heavily advertise what "x"  will be later after some testing and me finishing it.

2. Possible Midnight Geass battle! Stay tuned to the Midnight Geass post to check if this is confirmed.


1. End reset @ 7pm EST! (Server time!) Be there, or be square!

There will be a lot more new things being released in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out! This is just the begining, and I'm already really excited. The Midnight Geass Event is already up and will offically begin on the 29th, and will continue to run for a little bit. Don't forget there are lore'ed items out there in the chests after you fight the withers, and you may be lucky enough to get the Midnight Key! It'll give you acess to an after party! If the server fills up the Geass Bar, we'll also have a server wide event! (I think I'm doing pretty good for making this up as I go, 'ne?)


Gijs_TheBest Ive already submitted to Build team, so i cant re-apply. Does application for buildteam also count for bulid team?
JurassicFan01 @ Skyblock
This may be a stupid question, but will build team get offices?


I had a test battle last week with a few players when I broke a few things. Their replies and me further breaking things inspired me to do an event as an apology for all the server issues up until now!

The Midnight Geass Event begins Monday at 6pm MST (7pm EST)! Some wither battles will be harder than others, and at the end, you can loot a chest that has a chance for several rare items, and a chance for the Midnight Key which will allow you acess to a party at the end!

With each wither killed, it has a chance to fill up the Geass Bar some, and once that's filled, we'll have a server wide event! (That I haven't figured out yet, so if you have ideas tell me!)

Keep an eye on this post for updated battle schedule as well as in game for announcements!

Next battle: Monday, August 29th @ 6pm MST (or 7pm EST)! The next fights will be on weekends or Friday evenings to help with you guys in school!

Thanks for being patient with us and giving us time! Keep an eye out for the next post about the next event going on next weekend! And be warned, I'm making this event up as I go, so if you don't like something or want it changed, tell me! Or tell another staff member to tell me!


Psst if you have any event ideas or anything for the server that you like or don't like, please reply to this and let us know! We're going to be changing a lot of things in response to a lot of your comments! Challenges will be redone, survival and lobby are on their way as well! Things like this are all thanks to you! So gibe me more opinions!

GrimmKitty ADMIN I'm confused as to why you can see this........Meh Pretend you cant until Saturday plz
JurassicFan01 @ Skyblock
2 things 1) What does Geass mean? 2) Perhaps If the bar is filled, random command for each person (I.e. /fly /hat) or ma...
JurassicFan01 @ Skyblock
Dang it, it will be to late for me to do it. My mom won't let me stay up on a school night =(

Lag and Solution

Talabrek Owner posted Aug 8, 16

Hey guys,

For a while now we have had a pretty bad lag problem. After going through the timings I have found that 50-60% of total processing power is from hoppers alone. Entities (animals, monsters) only account for about 10-15% and the remaining processing power is spread out over all the other minecraft functions.

I found that during bad periods of lag there are around 6000-7000 hoppers active. Many players have under 100 hoppers on their island. A lot of the older and larger islands have 200-300 hoppers, while there are islands out there with as many as 1800 hoppers. This means that if the right (or wrong) 6-7 people are logged in the server can be brought to a crawl just by hoppers.

I am not putting the blame on the players (the fault lies with Minecraft and how absurdly inefficient hoppers are), but it's obvious that something needs to be done. I have tried optimizing as much as I can, but there is nothing more I can do and am going to have to limit the total number of hoppers that can be placed on an island. So in the near future there are a few things that will happen with hoppers:

  1. The total number of hoppers that can be placed on an island will be limited. I don't have exact values for this yet, but likely no more than 100-150.

  2. Hoppers will have a negative level value when placed on your island. This means that they will subtract from your island level. Again I don't have an exact value for this yet, but if you currently have 200+ on your island its going to be very noticeable.

  3. There will be a new challenge that requires hoppers. This will give players a chance to trade in their excess hoppers.

I know this is going to be a hassle for some players, but this is really the only option we have left. Until these changes are made, you can help out by re-designing your current farms (if they use a lot of hoppers) and using as few hoppers as possible in your future builds.

Gijs_TheBest Having certain farmable items stack higher than 64 would make the need for big storages with lots of hoppers decrease dr...
Questwizard Also, what puts a sour taste in my mouth about this is the fact that we're gonna be penalized very heavily in is le...
Questwizard Well this one totally ruins my melon storage, even though its built to minimize the amount of exposed hoppers (the ones ...
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