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So I dropped my backpack into the void and I had all of my important stuff in there including the best thing I own, my scrambler so I ask Yatica to come back so I can get a scrambler. Let the scramblers live!
I got the minecraft certificate of completion or hour of code :)
I'm deleting this account for security reasons so if the post vanishes, please ban me (GrimmKitty) due to suspicious hacking activity on account.
Why is /web not a thing on cr I'm so mad I could shout!!!! So Shout Shout and as other people say, let it all out!
Ayyye, after half a year I finally got a new computer
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NatalieJ BUILDER posted Feb 14, 17

Happy Valentine's day everyone! It's time to announce the winners of the first build contest of this year with the theme Nataria. The winners will get their islands/builds pasted in the world of Nataria as well as a title [NatarianArtisan] and the special object: Sprite of the Nataria Isles! 

There were a lot of good and even great builds participatiing in the contest, thank you contestants for the beautiful builds!

Let's congratulate:




Hopefully there will be more build contest in the future and again, good job everyone!

xRoryz Congratulations to everyone who entered! I'm sure that this was an extremely difficult choice for the judges!

New Server Host and Hardware

Talabrek Owner posted Jan 27, 17

Hey guys,

As you know, there have been a lot of connection issues with the server. It is frustrating for me to put so much time into optimizing performance on the server only to have it unplayable because of the host connection which I can't really do anything about with the existing server. Therefore, I have decided to switch a new host and new server hardware in the hopes of resolving this issue once and for all.

You should be able to connect with the usual IP. It may take a few hours to update your DNS cache, but if you have any problems you can connect directly using the following IP:

1.11 and SlimeFun

Talabrek Owner posted Jan 12, 17

The Skyblock server has been updated to 1.11.2! While 1.10 clients should still be able to connect to the server, I recommend that everyone use 1.11 to make use of all the new features. Over the course of the next couple of days I will be working in any 1.11 items/features that might be unavailable naturally (Llamas and such).

In addition to 1.11, most of the SlimeFun items and features have been enabled on the server (note that some items have been disabled because I have other plans for those). To make items you will first have to unlock the research for them. To do this, use /sf guide to acquire a right-clickable book. From there you can see all the available items and the research required to unlock them. Research requires exp levels and some of the higher end research requires a lot of levels 100+. I greatly boosted the exp gain from Master and Skylord level challenges and added a large chunk of exp to dungeon reward chests. In addition, I will be adding more sources of exp so that high cost won't seem so daunting.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or issues. Next up on the list of updates is the new and improved Nether that we talked about before, so stay tuned!

Challenges and Exotic Farming

Talabrek Owner posted Nov 30, 16

Hey everyone, this evening there will be an update to change and add some things to the skyblock server.


I am not happy with the current state of challenges, and I have heard complaints about various aspects of the system, so I have decided to make some changes.

My goal is to accomplish the following:

  • Make challenges less of a chore and more of a challenge.
  • Make it easier for new players to get started and gather resources/money.
  • Encourage players to group together and provide incentives for doing so. Reward players for inviting new players to their island.

To accomplish these goals I am changing the system so that each challenge can only be completed once per day. To compensate for this, the item requirements will be slightly increased and the skybucks/item rewards will be greatly increased (5-10x the current values depending on the challenge).

This should make things a little bit easier for new players and take the stress off of players to complete 100s of challenges every day.

If you are a player with massive farms and are worried about what to do with your resources once you finish your daily challenges, don't fret! A new /sell system will be added which allows you to sell resources used in challenges like sugarcane, melons, wheat, cacti, etc for skybucks. There will be no limit to the amount you can sell

Here are some important things to know about the changes:

  • All challenges will be reset!!
  • Challenges will once again be per-player instead of per-island. If you leave/restart an island your challenge progress will not be reset.
  • The first time a challenge is completed by a player it will give bonus skybucks to every member of their island group. So invite new players to your island and help them out!
  • Builder challenges and other challenges that require a certain island level can now be repeated once a week as long as you continue to be part of an island that meets the level requirement. Think of it like a free weekly bonus dependent on your island level. Completing these challenges will now give buffs to all online island group members that last until they log out, switch servers, or die.

Exotic Farming

To add some more diversity to the farming aspect of the game, new Exotic Saplings will be added to Skyblock server. These saplings will allow you to grow various fruits and vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple, and more. The resources you harvest can be sold using the new /sell command and will fetch greater prices than normal farmed goods, with the downside being that they are not used in any challenges.

Complete medium+ challenges for a chance to receive random exotic saplings.

In addition to the Exotic Saplings, Magical Saplings will also be available for you to farm. These rare plants are said to grow special essences that can be combined at a crafting table to make resources like coal, emeralds, and even diamonds.

To grow these new plants, just place their saplings like you would a normal tree and wait or use bonemeal until the plant is fully grown. Then right-click to harvest the fruit/vegetable/resource and repeat.

Also: Nether/End Changes

These changes have been delayed while we add some code to our custom plugins to make it work the way we want. Expect a nether/end reset along with these changes to come at the end of the month.

JurassicFan01 @ Skyblock
Pineapples dont grow on trees, The grow under the sea to be lived in by a sponge. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHO LIVES IN A PINEAP...

Nether and The End Changes

Talabrek Owner posted Nov 20, 16

Hey everyone! There are some big planned changes to the Nether and The End worlds. Before making these changes I would like to get everyone's feedback, so please head to this thread and let me know what you think. Some of the highlights are:

  • You will be able to claim land in the Nether and The End where you can maintain outposts and have extra space for farms or whatever else you want to build.

  • Mcmmo will be added so you can improve your characters skills and gain access to new abilities.

  • A new "Godly Enchantments" system will be added that will allow you to enchant your items beyond the normal vanilla limits and to add entirely new enchantments. 

  • The Nether will be changed to be extra challenging for experienced explorers. All island portals will lead to a central Nether portal and as you venture further out into the nether the monsters will increase in difficulty. The far reaches of the nether will be insanely difficult and intended to provide a challenge to the best equipped players. You have been warned!

  • The End will once again have pvp enabled on the center island. The outer islands will not have pvp so you can explore and setup your bases there in relative safety (you still have to watch out for those monsters), but if you plan on battling the dragon or harvesting the columns of obsidian be prepared to fight.

  • Link your Nether and End outposts to your island using the already available custom portals.
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