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LTHesh's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by LTHesh, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Dec 29, 2017
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    Hesh's Staff Application :)

    Your in-game name:


    How long have you played on this server? (If you are not sure, write an estimate.)
    Somewhere between the time of 5-6 years!

    What is your age? Not your level of maturity.
    18 years old

    Time Zone:
    Central Timezone (CST)

    What languages do you speak fluently? (If you know any coding languages, please include them here as well)
    English; Python > Learning C++

    Do you have any previous experience as a helper/moderator/admin/apprentice/builder?
    I was assigned as a Helper on Ultimate Skyblock (Resigned), assigned as Guard (Moderator) on Endercraftbuild (Resigned), which usually hosted between 550-600 players simultaneously, assigned Head-Admin on Fiddlycraft, which usually hosted between 1000-1250 players on simultaneously, I was also apart of the Mineplex Staff Team just over a year ago. (Helper/Mod/Sr.Mod)

    What plugins do you have previous experience with?
    I am familiar with plugins including WorldEdit, WorldGuard, UltimateSkyblock, Essentials, PermissionsEX, Multiverse, Vault, Holographic Displays, Mines, Chestshop, PlotMe, NameTagEdit, KitPvp, and many more behind the scene type plugins (Console Based).

    How could you help this server?
    Due to my time in and around the old server, UltimateSkyblock, I have a vast amount of knowledge of BlockWorlds. I am very good at working with players, and I’m very active in-game and on the forums. I have been with the community for approximately 5-6 years. For the entire time that I have been with BlockWorlds, I have always had fun. It has been a place where I can call home as every member that logs is usually super friendly and ultimately great! I am a frequent user of Discord and I would not hesitate to help anyone on there. Whenever I’m online, I dedicate most of my time to help the other users and I enjoy doing so. I’m currently a student, and I don’t have a job, so my in-game time will be more abundant, but like I said, I won’t waste all of my time focusing on my own success, but I will spend most of my time putting forth my help to assist new members. It’s a funny thing to be staff when you look at it. What does a staff member exactly do? It’s actually, believe it or not, a hard thing to define. A normal answer might be “a staff member just enforces the rules, and helps others”. I see it being a lot more than just something used to help the server but used to get the people’s opinion about stuff, and the role can be used get to know them. You see, if a staff member befriends or gets to know a user, they are most likely to stay with the server, and not just leave. If chosen for Helper, I will be SURE to make BlockWorlds a better place for players to just sit back and relax, and have a good time, while I help others for the best of the community! I understand that helper is a huge role for the continued success of BlockWorlds and I’m ready to accept this great responsibility and the fun my position will have to offer. I will try my hardest to be the most active and helpful staff member I can be. The main point of this application is that I believe that I’m truly ready to moderate the server as a Helper, enforcing rules, and best of all helping others! I promise to stay active on the forums, discord, and in-game. I will strive to make the community enjoyable for both new and old members by creating a safe haven for them to just sit back, relax and have fun on a laid back yet, safe setting. I can’t stand rule breakers either, their only goal is to destroy a users experience and I would love to be able to be trusted to deal with them... In order to make this community a better place!

    How many DCs would it take to recreate the yellow brick road, to scale?

    Describe a skybuck.
    A skybuck is the main source of currency in BlockWorlds. It can be used to buy both items perks, and titles throughout the servers that BlockWorlds provides.

    Are you applying for Helper or Apprentice?
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